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Time To Kick Out Tom McClintock

Dear Neighbor and Friend,

The direction of this country will be determined on Tuesday. November 8. And your vote is important in deciding our future.

Tom McClintock has served nearly 8 years in Congress. It’s time for a change.  He is a career Politician; I am a medical doctor.  I have spent my life on the front line of medicine, seeing the struggles of so many.  He and I differ on so many issues important to the future of our children and the future of this great country.

  • We need a Congress that will “reach across the aisle” to compromise, and avoid a government shut-down, which Tom voted for.
  • We need a Congress to reach agreement on solving the problem of our outrageous cost of healthcare.
  • We need a strong consumer finance protection bureau to protect your rights against abuses by big banks and finance companies like Wells Fargo.
  • We need a well-managed forest policy for the Sierra Nevada to protect our watershed and sustain our billion-dollar tourist economy.
  • We need to protect our air quality standards to prevent the choking smog that has closed schools is some parts of the world.
  • We need to protect our clean water standards to prevent our families from being exposed to toxic chemicals and bacteria.
  • And we need to close the massive tax loopholes enjoyed by the Donald Trump billionaires and Wall Street mega-corporations.

Don’t be fooled!  What they don’t pay — you will!

This election boils down to this:  Do you what a Congress that writes the rules to favor special interests and take away your freedoms, or a Congress to write rules that will favor, benefit, and protect all of us?

I will work for you to ensure a  Common Sense Government and a fair playing field for a free market economy and the people who live here.

I need your vote on Tuesday.  Please assist our campaign and contribute.

Thank you.


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