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Doctor Needed For A Congressional Emergency

Dear Supporter,

As you most certainly know by now, I am not a career politician. And I am not your typical candidate.

I have spent the better part of my career as an Emergency Room doctor. I ran the emergency medicine department at the UC Davis Medical Center for eighteen years. And, I have practiced medicine for several years in Tuolumne County.

It is fair to say, therefore, that I know an emergency when I see one. I know the meaning of “critical condition.” And, believe me, much of America, and many people in California’s 4th Congressional District, are in critical condition– they are unemployed or under-employed, they are faced with exploding costs for prescription drugs, young people are saddled with crushing student debt, and our older friends, neighbors and family members face an uncertain future because of threats to Social Security and Medicare.

And our environment is in peril from abuse and neglect. Global Climate change is real, and it threatens the very existence of all of earth’s species, including the human race.

In medicine, we’d immediately move into triage mode–doing everything possible to treat our patients. At once. Without delay.

But, the current incumbent Congressman doesn’t see it that way. To him, the problems I listed above don’t exist–except in our imaginations. The only crises he sees are the ones brought to his attention by the Koch Brothers, by Wall Street bankers, Big Oil, and other special interests. He doesn’t care about us or our needs because he only hangs out with other obstructionists in Congress. If he were hanging around the ER, getting in the way of those trying to save lives, we’d kick him out.

And that’s just what we need to do on Election Day, November 8–kick Tom McClintock out of Congress. He really won’t mind–he’s got a nice house (outside the 4th district), to go home to. And he has lots of lobbyist friends who, we can be sure, will ease the transition.

We have a national emergency, my friends, and it’s time for those who are part of the problem to get out of the way, while the rest of us work on solutions. We need new blood in Congress, and I plan to be one of those giving it a transfusion.

If you haven’t already voted, I hope you’ll vote for me on November 8. And once I am elected, the doctor will ALWAYS be in!


Dr. BobĀ  Derlet

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