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Kevin McCarthy. Doug LaMalfa. Jay Obernolte. Devin Nunes. Mike Garcia. Ken Calvert. Darrell Issa.

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Former Apprentice star and Home Alone 2 cameo appearance, Donald J. Trump made the news again as his Senate Impeachment trial kicks off today.

While his GOP goons like Kevin McCarthy and Devin Nunes grandstand with partisan talking points, California Democrats are committed to holding the Republican party accountable for siding with insurrectionists, white supremacists, and Q-Anon supporters.

We haven’t forgotten: 7 California Republicans supported Trump’s insurrection. And we’ll be there supporting the Democrats fighting to take their seats.

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In literally every other workplace in America: supporting an anti-semitic, anti-democratic, white supremacist terror event is a fireable offense.

So why are these Trump hacks still in office?

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