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October 29, 2016

Reality-Based Leadership

FRESNO—Donald Trump refuses to admit that there’s anything that he might not be an expert at. In the past week, Trump insulted an Army Colonel who has served for 30 years, claiming that he could “teach him a couple of things” about military operations. This is the same man who said former Vietnam POW Sen. John McCain wasn’t a hero “because he got captured.”

When asked his thoughts on the top generals who worked with Hillary Clinton during her time as Secretary of State and now approve of her plans for the future, Trump said that if he was elected “there’d probably be different generals.” Indeed, as Newsweek has reported, Trump has gotten in the habit of quoting Russian government propaganda at his rallies. Trump claims he is the best candidate for the military but refuses to listen to the experts unless they agree with his opinions.

This approach carries to healthcare. We know little about Trump’s vague healthcare plan. We do know that repealing the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, would make 20 million people uninsured and nothing Trump has said would alleviate that. Moreover, the Atlantic and the Rand Commission report that his plan would cost more while helping fewer people.

Clinton’s plan to alleviate people’s insurance costs through subsidies while wrangling with uncooperative insurance companies to stop raising rates and leaving healthcare markets is not glamorous. However, it is guaranteed to make the situation a little better and has a chance of finally winning the fight with soaring medical costs.

Trump’s taped confession of groping and molesting women, confident in his wealth and TV star status to protect him, only clarify what the man has been showing us from the beginning. Trump is a bully. When the candidate vilifies Mexican immigrants, or claims there is a conspiracy among American Muslims to harbor ISIS agents, it does harm to our country, even if he later says he was “joking.” Experts are calling it the “Trump effect,” and the Southern Poverty Law Center reported that Trump’s campaign “is producing an alarming level of fear and anxiety among children of color and inflaming racial and ethnic tensions in the classroom.”

There is no easy solution to the tensions in our nation, but Clinton has put forth her Better Than Bullying plan to help states and schools implement new policies and provide support to students. This initiative draws on expert strategies that have been found to reduce bullying by more than 20%. As we try to fix the underlying fractures in our society, at least we can help those who are most vulnerable.

Clinton worked with Republicans on joint projects during her time in the Senate. As Secretary of State, the people she looked to for advice came from all political sides. Bernie Sanders was her vocal opponent in the primaries but now campaigns with her. As president, Clinton will reach out to the Republicans who want real immigration reform instead of Trump’s expensive concrete wall and ban on Muslims. Trump cannot work with his own party. He cannot even work with his own vice presidential nominee judging by their continuing contradictions on foreign policy and respecting the results of the election.

“The 2016 election is about competent leadership for a better America,” says Michael D. Evans, chair of the Fresno County Democratic Party. “The choice could not be clearer.”

The Fresno County Democratic Party is united behind Hillary Clinton for President. The official Coordinated Campaign headquarters is at 1035 U Street in downtown Fresno. To volunteer or for more information, contact 559-495-0606 or


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