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Decision Day – 10 Days Out!

Dear Neighbor and Friend,

As I write this, Election Day 2016 is just around the corner — less than two weeks from today!  But, in fact, the election has already begun; vote by mail ballots are being turned in to county election officials throughout California’s 4th Congressional District.

But that doesn’t mean that our wonderful volunteers are relaxing at home!  They’re still making phone calls and knocking on doors, persuading their neighbors and getting out the vote.

I am still campaigning, from one end of this beautiful district to the other—meeting voters, visiting communities, making my case of why I believe I will be a much better Representative than the incumbent.

Our campaign is making its final pitch—with signs, bumper stickers, phone calls, press releases and—yes—TV ads (click the link below to view our spots that make our “closing argument”).

And this Sunday, October 30, we’ll be joined in our effort by one of the Democratic Party’s rising, young leaders, Congressman Eric Swalwell of Contra Costa County.  Eric, a crew of volunteers from his district, I and many volunteers from the 4th CD will be joining forces to walk neighborhoods in Placer County.  Please join us (details below)!

Remember:  This election is crucial—to people of the district—from Lake Tahoe in the north, down through the Sierras and Gold country all the way through Yosemite and on into eastern Fresno County. And it is critical to the people of our country who care about devastating economic disparities, exploding health care costs, crushing college debts, the effects of climate change on our environment and so much more.

It is also a crucial election because, in the end, it comes down to principles, to character,  to values. And by that standard, the incumbent and I couldn’t be more different.  Tom McClintock remains steadfast and enthusiastic in his support for Donald Trump!   I make no secret of my objections to or differences with Mr. Trump — his disdain for women, minorities,  people with disabilities, and others.

I believe America is already great, but that it can be made even better.  Mr. Trump and Tom McClintock seem to think they can advance by running down America, by dividing us, by insulting us.

This election is about what you the voters need.  It is not about Tom McClintock keeping his job as a career politician.

Sincerely, Bob


OCTOBER 30 EVENT – Congressman Swalwell/Candidate Derlet


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