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Derlet – McClintock : We could not be more different!

Dear Neighbor and Friend,

It should be clear by now that Tom McClintock and I are very different. Our life experiences–mine as a medical doctor and his as a lifelong politician–are different. I live in the 4th congressional district, but he doesn’t. Our views on climate change, rising health care costs, preservation and wise use of our natural resources, preserving social security and many other issues are vastly different. As I say, “Tom McClintock and I are like oil and water. I like clean drinking water and he likes the big oil companies!”

But nowhere and on no issue are the differences so great as on the matter of his candidate for President. Donald Trump’s life long track record of bullying, lewd and boorish behavior makes him unfit to be President.

I am appalled–as a man, as a husband, as a father, and as a professional colleague of many women health professionals–by what we’ve learned about Donald Trump’s attitudes toward women, and worse yet, his actions against women, the violation of their bodies and their dignity.

But Tom McClintock says he still “stands with” Trump as his candidate for President. Imagine that! He does not seem bothered, or troubled, or aghast, or offended. He is “standing” by–even strengthening his support for–Donald Trump’s attitude, language and acts. Imagine that, indeed!

And, it gets worse. Tom McClintock accused fellow Republicans (those who are troubled by what we’ve learned–and are learning anew every day–about Mr. Trump), of “wringing their hands,” in unnecessary worry, concern and conscience. He dismisses out of hand, with a put down, fellow Republicans who have voiced dismay, not excitement, over Trump’s behavior.

You bet that Tom McClintock and I are different. Really different, and that’s why I need your support, your energy, your idealism and your vote in this election. We need to show that we’re all different from Tom McClintock on the things that matter. Really matter.



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