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Rural America

Dear Supporter,

Yes, rural America exists in California. Most of the 4th Congressional district is rural, stretching 300 miles down the Sierra Nevada Mountains from the Lake Tahoe area to Yosemite and further south into the mountains of Fresno County. This is the most beautiful district in America.

Many folks here live on rural properties with its special problems, ones different from their suburban neighbors. and depend on a well for water and a propane tank or firewood for heat. The list of everyday concerns differs somewhat from city folk, and includes water wells going dry, catastrophic wildfires burning down our homes, availability of medical care, low paying jobs and unemployment, resources for schools, dirt roads, absence of reliable Internet, and many other concerns. This is where I live.

In Congress I will work to improve the unique conditions for those who live on the “last frontier” of America; providing funding to remove fire prone brush and dead trees, money for schools, protection of our watersheds, help so small business can succeed, and facilitate specialized micro- manufacturing, and high-tech commerce into the area.

We must also support our rural hospitals. My opponent, Tom McClintock, has voted against federal aid for rural hospitals and airports. Critically ill patients are flown out from these rural airports. With no hospitals and no air transport, the outlook would be dire for rural patients.

I ask you for your support. Please donate and help us get the word out in the last 26 days.

Thank you

If you missed my recent Debate with your current Representative you can see it here:

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