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Happy Birthday Eleanor Roosevelt!

Hello Dems!

Today is a special day for me. It’s my 44th birthday. I share it with Emily Davidson and Eleanor Roosevelt. Both good progressives. One a British suffragette and the other a pioneering First Lady of the United States.

The spotlight on the national race was focused towards fitness to serve. The revelations about the Republican Presidential nominee has revealed that Nunes is loyal to his party’s leader. Congressman Nunes confirmed his support yesterday. He is a believer. I issued the following statement on October 8:

Immediately, my heart goes out to those who have been subject to similar abuse. It is a disturbing way for the country to be forced to acknowledge that a woman is still, in these United States, subject to be treated as a possession by men. This is a new low. That this man—with a genuine shot at becoming the head of the most powerful country in the world—is capable of behavior such as this should be shocking, it is not. This is horrible but I am not shocked. It is consistent in its nastiness with other comments from this man. Finally, with knowledge of earlier statements, my opponent felt it was okay to invite this individual—his endorsed candidate—to this community, into our neighborhood. This revelation is therefore an indictment on the Congressman’s judgement as well.

Meanwhile, our campaign has been gathering momentum in the field. We have been working with allies in both counties and things are really moving now. With your help we will keep up the fight. I’m asking you donate $22 in lieu of Birthday gifts or flowers. Together we’ll keep the pressure on the Congressman and win this election!

Louie Campos

(559) 731-6600