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The Debate: Derlet vs McClintock

Dear Supporter,

Congressman McClintock and I debated the issues this past Tuesday morning in Auburn. I am sending to you the key points I made in my closing statement:

  • Over 200 years ago, our Founding Fathers chose a federal system of government because they knew  that a strong central government would be necessary in a changing and challenging world.
  • Today, as we look beyond our borders and across the oceans we see just that.
  • My opponent, Tom McClintock and I differ on so many issues important to the future of our children and the future of this great country.
  • I want us to have a common sense government that insures a fair playing field for a free market economy and the people who live here.
  • My opponent wants small government, even if means handing over your rights to special interests.
  • We need a strong consumer finance protection bureau to protect your rights.
  • We need Congress to stop the price gouging by so many pharmaceutical companies.
  • We need open spaces in the Sierra Nevada to sustain these areas for a billion-dollar tourist economy.
  • My opponent votes to weaken clean water and air standards, which would harm our health and that of our children. Let us not forget what happened in Flint Michigan.
  • My opponent supports measures that decrease taxes on multi national corporations and the multi-millionaires, like the CEO of Wells Fargo. But don’t be fooled, what they don’t pay, you will pay.

The choice is yours; Do you what a Congress that writes the rules to favor special interests and take away your freedoms, or a Congress to write rules that will favor, benefit, and protect all of us.

Thank you

My name is Bob Derlet. Please assist our campaign and contribute.

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