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Retirement Security

Dear Supporter,

Some day, we will all reach a point in life when we no longer work and rely on a fixed retirement income. Will we have enough money to pay for the ever-increasing cost of living that we will still face?

I can tell you as a physician that, as we get older, we will need more medical care. We are lucky to have Medicare to help us with much of that cost. Traditional Medicare allows you to choose you own doctor and the hospital you like. Medicare is the best bang for the buck for most retirees. If this is changed to a mandatory voucher system, seniors will have less choice and will be paying more out of our pocket. Tom McClintock has voted for the mandatory voucher system.

Many of us will rely on Social Security to pay for the costs of living; housing, groceries, utilities, and transportation. At a time when we should talk about increasing benefits, Tom McClintock, and Donald Trump, talk about handing over your money to Wall Street. The Wall Street sharks and hedge fund managers can’t wait to get their hands on your money, to take a big cut for them, and then gamble with your life savings!

And how secure will your life savings be in the Bank? If your bank cheats you out of your money, you can turn to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. They have helped millions of Americans, and have forced companies to return over $11 billion from illegal practices. Tom McClintock voted against the Law that created the CFPB. No doubt he will follow Trump’s call to repeal the CFPB.

In Congress, I will fight to preserve and increase Social Security, keep traditional choice Medicare, and keep and strengthen the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.


Thank you,


Campaign Schedule

Congressional Debate:

Dr. Bob Derlet  vs. Tom  McClintock

October 4 – 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

Yes.  This is an early morning event so plan to enjoy breakfast after this event!

Location-  Auburn City Hall Chambers

1225 Lincoln Way, Auburn CA

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