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The deaths of Terence Crutcher in Oklahoma and Keith Scott in North Carolina were devastating and familiar.

Trust between law enforcement and too many communities of color is broken. There is no easy fix. It’s up to all of us to come together and tackle what is broken in our criminal justice system. Only then can we heal and address criminal justice reform.

We have to focus on implicit bias in law enforcement with better training and expand the use of body-worn cameras. That’s just a place to start, but sadly not enough politicians are even talking about that.

Which brings me to Donald Trump, who responded to these tragic and unnecessary shootings by suggesting our country needs a national “stop-and-frisk” policy.

Trump is wrong. Studies show “stop-and-frisk” policies are both discriminatory and ineffective. It overburdens our law enforcement while violating equal justice under the law. We cannot allow “stop-and-frisk” to go nationwide.

Add your name to our petition today in opposition to Donald Trump’s proposal to bring “stop-and-frisk” — an unconstitutional policy that will make it far more difficult for communities of color to trust our law enforcement — nationwide.

There is no easy solution to officer-involved shootings or violence in our communities. Politicians like Trump are simply attempting to sell us a bill of goods.

Here’s what we need to do instead:

  • Increase transparency by collecting standard policing data for every community in America to ensure accountability. In fact, just this week, my office unveiled a new digital tool to collect police use of force data from over 800 police departments in California, which I’m hoping will be a model for the nation.
  • Build trust by providing law enforcement officers with the tools they need, such as trainings on implicit bias, crisis response, and procedural justice, as well as ensure our law enforcement agencies look like the communities they serve.
  • Get smart on crime by eliminating the harsh lifetime consequences for non-violent offenders that fuel mass incarceration and focusing on preventing crime and reducing recidivism — not just reacting to crime after the fact.

Sign my petition if you agree we should reject Trump’s shallow “stop-and-frisk” proposal in favor of criminal justice reforms that data has shown will actually work.

We have a responsibility to fight for fair and impartial police practices across America, and continue to reform our broader criminal justice system regardless of who the next president is.

Real change isn’t going to come from short-minded politicians trying to score cheap points in an election. It will only happen when all of us come together to demand criminal justice reforms that are fair and increase truth, transparency, and trust in our broken system.

This is what our campaign has been about since day one, and I’m eager to get to work. Now is the time for action.

Thanks for everything you do.

– Kamala