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Sixty-five years ago today, the United States Supreme Court issued its ruling in Brown v. Board of Education and unanimously overturned decades of legalized segregation that embedded white supremacy into America’s education system. 
The justices recognized that separate but equal has no place in a fair society. Separate is inherently unequal. 
And in the decades that followed, our nation embraced a belief that every child, regardless of their skin color, deserves access to the same quality education. 
But in our lifetimes, that belief stands threatened, as many disparities grow worse by the year.
The number of Black and Brown children attending schools designated as “intensely segregated” has more than tripled in the sixty-five years since Brown v. Board of Education was decided. 
Segregated schools are not a relic from our past — for too many kids, it is their present. Experts find that this results in less experienced teachers, higher teacher turnover, failing facilities, and fewer classroom resources. 
As president I’ll work tirelessly to reverse this trend, starting with boosting teacher pay targeted to districts that need it most: schools with the most economic and racial inequity and with the most students on free and reduced-price lunch. 
This is an issue that will require everyone to get involved. We must work to change the makeup of our state legislatures, county commissions, and local school boards. We must remain vigilant and question our judicial nominees at all levels. And, perhaps most importantly of all, we must vote in every election. 
Only by our insistence, and strong action, can the dream of equality in education come nearer to reality.

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