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Education Should Not Cost As Much As A House!

Dear Supporter,

As we move from summer into fall, millions of our students are packing their bags and heading off to a college campus.  As the “baby boomer” generation will tell you, attending college in the 1960s and 1970s in California was affordable. Tuition (fees) was less than $1,000 a year- adjusted to 2016 dollars.

Today, the cost of a college education has grown beyond reason. At the University of California, in-state tuition is over $15,000/year. Living costs, books and other expenses add another $15,000. That is $30,000 a year!

As a result, many students graduate with a huge debt of  $50,000-to-$100,000! I think it is wrong to have our young people saddled with crushing debt before they even start their careers.

We can do much better.  I can tell you from working at a University for years, that most schools can operate more efficiently and decrease cost per educational unit. And the Federal government can, and must, do more, by closing a few Wall Street tax loopholes. Why send money off to tax shelters in Panama or the Cayman Islands when that money could be used to help educate the future backbone of America?

We also need to invest in our Community College system. Community college degrees are a bargain, and technical degrees open many doors to outstanding careers with good opportunities and good pay. This is win-win! The tuition at some community colleges is only $1,500 a year and with Federal financial support we can keep this bargain in place.

I believe our government has a role in helping our young people achieve their educational goals.  It is good for their futures and it is good for the future of our nation.

My opponent, Rep. Tom McClintock, blames government for the college problem.   I wholeheartedly disagree.  Blaming government — and saying NO — will not solve the problem.  Our representatives in Washington should be working to solve our problems.  Our students need solutions NOW.  As your representative, I pledge to work hard to solve these problems.

I ask for your support for my campaign and for your Vote on November 8.



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