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Epi-pen – The real cost of a life saving device?

Dear Supporter,

Unless treated immediately, a simple bee sting, or an unintended peanut, can result in death in certain allergic individuals. Treatment must begin before transport to the Emergency Room.

In this life-threatening situation, an immediate injection of epinephrine (adrenalin) can literally save a life. The Epi-Pen, or similar device, allows at risk individuals to save their own lives, or that of a loved one, before traveling to an ER for further stabilization.

Americans are now shocked to see that the sticker price of the Epi-Pen 2-pak has just skyrocketed to $600. This is outrageous.  A vial, with the same amount of epinephrine, can be purchased by medical professionals in a clinical setting for less than $4.

The  “Epi-kit,” I carry in my travel first aid kit costs me less than $5 – the Epi vial $4, and less than a dollar for a needle and syringe.

This price gouging by big Pharma must stop. Lives are being put at risk for pure profit.  As a doctor, I have spent my life administering these critical medicines and I understand the methods that drug companies are using to try to fool the American people.

We are smarter than that!   This election could not be more important to the health and well being of us all.  The spike in the cost of the Epi-pen, as well as other medications, is a good example of how critical it is for Congress to focus on the needs of the people now!

Help elect me to Congress and I will fight to bring drug costs back to earth.



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