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We just filed our 60th lawsuit against President Trump.


I’d rather work with the President of the United States than sue him. But at every turn, President Trump has chosen to attack our families, break the law, and we’ve been left with only one option — to fight back.


Nearly half of our 60 lawsuits protect our environment, water, and air — including today’s lawsuit to block the President’s attack on our clean car standards. 


But we’re not just protecting the planet. We’re defending our people, including immigrant families like mine. 

Blocking the wall. Stopping the President’s quest to end DACA. Protecting access to birth control. Defending the entire Affordable Care Act. We’re in these fights — and so many more. 


We’re blocking President Trump’s reckless agenda because grassroots supporters like you stand with us with the stakes so high. Will you join us in marking our 60th lawsuit holding the President accountable, jim? Chip in today: 


60 lawsuits. 60 reasons to fight. Contribute $6 now.


The Oval Office is not the place for on-the-job training — the President must respect the law. He’s not. So, we’re fighting. We’re winning. And we’re ready. 





Xavier Becerra -- California Attorney General

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