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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

Last week, nineteen Democratic senators signed a letter to Donald Trump’s EPA administrator Scott Pruitt.


The letter called into question the methods used by Pruitt in repealing the Clean Power Plan, a plan implemented by President Obama designed to protect us from harmful pollution from coal-fired power plants. Nineteen Democratic senators signed that letter.


But Sen. Feinstein was not one of them.


California needs two Senators who will stand up to the Trump administration and protect our environment and values. Will you help make that happen?


It’s up to progressives everywhere to stand up and fight back. That’s why I was so disappointed that Senator Feinstein chose not to sign the letter.


But frankly, we’ve seen this before. When Senator Feinstein said of Donald Trump: “I believe he can be a good President.”


I do not believe he can be a good President.


Or when Senator Feinstein called for “patience” over Donald Trump’s Presidency.


I do not believe now is the time for patience. 


Will you join me and fellow progressives today in standing up against Donald Trump and help bring our fight to Washington?


When I got in this race, I called for an end to incrementalism and capitulation when it comes to our progressive values. The only way we can defend and expand the California Dream for everyone is by standing up and fighting back against attempts to harm it.


That’s why I hope you’ll stand with me.



Thank you,