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Just a few moments ago, I announced I would no longer accept contributions from corporate PACs. I hope you’ll give me a moment to explain why I am making this important decision.

Since taking office last year, I have witnessed firsthand the outsized influence of large corporations in our government.

Citizens United has allowed them to spend virtually unlimited sums of money to influence our elections, tipping the balance of power in our democracy from voters to corporate PACs.

That’s why Republicans worked so quickly to pass legislation granting tax breaks to wealthy corporations at the direct expense of working people and seniors. Large corporations and their wealthy donors demanded it, so they did it.

As corporate PACs continue to corrupt our politics and twist Congress’ priorities at your expense, we’re going to focus on raising money from small-dollar, individual donors like you.

Our average contribution over the previous year is just $18.32 — a number I am very proud of. Your support has helped us raise millions for my colleagues and non-profit organizations assisting victims of natural disasters.

Working together I believe we have the power to address the real injustices that exist in America today. That begins by reforming our broken campaign finance system so that we can reset the agenda in Washington.

We don’t have to accept a system that drowns out the voices of the American people. We can do better.

Thanks for everything you do,

Kamala Harris
U.S. Senator, California