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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

Last month, I asked you to join me in demanding that President Trump reverse his ban on transgender soldiers — and people all across California took action.

Now the pressure is building: Last week, California joined 14 other states and the District of Columbia in filing a brief that challenges the ban in the courts.

But we still need to show President Trump that even if the courts don’t hold him accountable, we will.

If you haven’t signed yet, will you tell President Trump to reverse his ban on transgender soldiers serving in our military?

Earlier this month, LGBT Americans all over the country celebrated National Coming Out Day. But thanks to President Trump’s ban, this year many more transgender Americans were forced to consider the consequences of coming out if they wanted a future in the military.

That’s not right, and it’s not who we are as a country.

It’s estimated that 15,000 transgender soldiers are bravely serving today. They shouldn’t have to live in fear or be denied the opportunity to serve their country just because of who they are.

I’m glad to know that our state is fighting back in the courts, and I’ll do everything I can to stand up for LGBT Californians — and every Californian — as your next governor.

But with pressure building, we need to keep the momentum going right now.

Add your name, and tell President Trump: “Don’t discriminate against transgender soldiers!”

In solidarity,