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*** No candidate for Governor has been endorsed by the CDP ***

Health care is a right for all, not just a privilege for the wealthy.

As governor, I will build a health care system that not only works for everyone in California, but that specifically takes the necessary steps to move our state towards a single-payer system.

This monumental, but necessary challenge is going to take a leader who understands our state’s finances in and out, because if you can’t manage a budget, you’re not going to get single-payer passed. We also need a leader who has worked creatively to come up with solutions to our health care needs in the past.

As governor, I’ll be ready to make health care available to all Californians, but I need your help to start building momentum now.

Will you stand with me to make sure that Californians have access to the quality, affordable health care they not only need, but also deserve? Add your name now.

Last week, I released my California Road Map for Affordable and Accessible Health Care — a common sense, comprehensive plan to make single-payer health care a reality in our state by:

  • Protecting our care: As governor, I will stand up to those in Washington who would roll back the gains we have made or threaten our coverage and care. We will protect access to health care for all Californians and lead the charge for the rest of the country, to ensure we don’t lose ground.
  • Supporting Medicare for All: Every person has a right to affordable, high-quality health care. I support Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All plan at the national level and will do everything in my power as governor to support its passage.
  • Moving California forward: While Congress debates Medicare for All, California should move forward with establishing a single-payer health care system with universal coverage, lower premiums and deductibles, and access to mental and behavioral care.
  • Taming costs and paying for outcomes: We must find ways to keep Californians healthy through preventive care, access to clean air and water, and more. Out-of-control drug costs must be controlled, and paying for healthy outcomes will reduce the need for services when Californians get sick.

We can move now on many of these necessary proposals without waiting for the federal action we’ll need to help finance a single-payer system, but it will take a leader with a record of coming up with creative solutions to our financial and logistical health care hurdles.

I’m ready to lead on single-payer health care for California, but I need your help. Will you stand with me to make sure every Californian has access to high-quality, affordable care?

Thanks for your support,


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