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*** No candidate for Governor has been endorsed by the CDP ***

The census is about making sure everyone is counted — because every person does count!

It shouldn’t be about scoring political points or excluding people who live within our borders — but right now, President Trump is trying to do just that.

Instead of providing an accurate count of the population, President Trump is trying to win political points by demanding the census ask if respondents are citizens. As a result, he’ll drive down participation, leading to lost resources for our communities and less representation for California in Congress.

I’m standing with fellow Americans and political leaders to tell President Trump not to politicize the census, and I’m hoping you’ll stand with us. Will you add your name?

It’s pretty simple: Our system of government, our representation in Congress, funding for our communities, and much more relies on knowing how many people live in our communities.

The census should be a tool of measurement, not intimidation.

But for our neighbors who fear deportation and the possibility that their families could be torn apart, stating their immigration status on an official government document is a high-risk proposition. And if they refuse to participate, it’s our communities that will lose — especially here in California.

We need to build pressure now to ensure that President Trump can’t politicize the census. Will you add your name to the petition, and join our political leaders and tens of thousands of Americans in speaking out?

Thank you,


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