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Asif Mahmood

This is crunch time for our campaign. With only 125 days until the primary, this is our chance to build the momentum and grassroots support we need to win.

Today marks our very first end-of-month fundraising goal for my campaign to become California’s next insurance commissioner. This is our moment to finish our first month strong, and show we’re ready for the fights ahead.

Chip in to my campaign before midnight tonight — with your support we can reach our critical fundraising goal and fight for every Californian.

Fighting for the health of Californians is something I’ve been passionate about for decades. I’ve seen the importance of preparing our state for mudslides, wildfires, and any other natural disasters.

And I’ve experienced the difference it can make in the lives of Californians to have quality health insurance, working with hundreds of patients that had difficulty affording the vital care they need.

This election is so important, and why it’s so vital for us to end the first month of 2018 strong. That’s why I’m asking: Chip in before midnight tonight to help us hit our goal.

Thank you for your support,

Dr. Asif Mahmood
Candidate for California Insurance Commissioner