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“In our mission as advocates for equity to the African American, and other underserved communities; we are committed to expand our efforts for unity and open ended inclusion of all persons of good will that care willing to partner with us.”

BAPAC-Fresno Chapter 2nd Annual Mid-Year Conference April 13th & 14th

Theme: Educate, Advocate, Participate “STEP INTO YOUR POWER”VOTE

Hello All,

We would cordially like to invite you to BAPAC Fresno Chapters’ 2nd Annual Mid-Year Conference scheduled for Friday, April 13the and Saturday, April 14th.  Friday’s event will be a meet and greet.  Saturday will be scheduled workshops and an evening of fun at the Gala.

Please see our attachments on the on the events time, dates and places.  Also, we are attaching our sponsorship flyer for anyone who wishes to help sponsor the event and/or would like to purchase an Ad or submit a Business card.

Please RSVP to: the names listed at the bottom of the flyer.  If anyone is purchasing to be a sponsor and/or an Ad / Business card for the booklet, please reply back to me with your write-up and photo along with payment.  This is due by March 25th as we have to have time to get the book to printing.

The Mid-Year Conference Workshops will help to set and align African Americans in positions where they will advocate and participate in the decision making to policy changes at the Local, Federal and State level.

African Americans opportunities to help in policy change at the Local, Federal and State level has depleted in numbers. BAPAC is committed to ensure that African Americans and all other cultural ethnicities work together to ensure that policy making and/or changes represents us all.

Debbie Darden                                                                                   Interim BAPAC Chair – Fresno Chapter  / 559-287-1308

BAPAC Midyear Sponsorship Flyer 2018_0