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Welcome to the second edition of the Sierra Forward email Newsletter. This edition will bring light to a very important topic, voting. Do we really have a democracy if many people do not vote? Are we being fully represented? Important questions to be sure.

As always, we will endeavor to provide a short, informative, educational and interesting newsletter with the hope that we will advance the knowledge and engagement of California’s 4th Congressional District voters. The newsletter will adhere to the highest standards of ethical journalism and to the extent possible, verify the facts and information presented. Of course, we must always ask for your support as a non-profit by including a donation button. We hope you will enjoy.

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The 4th Congressional District of California is home to approximately 725,000 people, of whom roughly 450,000 are registered voters in the district. Approximately 100,000 people who are legally eligible to vote are not registered to do so. And that means their voice is not heard in Washington, DC.


Those active in Sierra Forward believe that lack of representation is wrong. In our democracy, everyone deserves to be heard, deserves to be represented. Even worse, the fewer people who vote, the better the chances are that undeserving people will be elected. YOUR VOICE IS YOUR VOTE.


Please visit our website to find out more about how we are going to change this.


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