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Donald Trump has just marked over 100 days in office. It feels like 500, or maybe 1,000 days because of the dizzying speed at which manic pronouncements, flip-flopping and flat out lies are attempting to distract us from the chaos and ethics investigations surrounding the presidency.

One thing is certain: The presidency, with all its gravity and responsibility, has not changed Donald Trump one bit. He promised to “Make America Great Again” but instead he has divided our nation at a rate unlike we’ve seen.

Here in California, our model policies have developed into something else – we’ve emerged as the heart of the Resistance. We have become America’s beacon of hope.

To commemorate the failed first 100 days of the Trump Administration, we thought it would be better to document the first 100 days of the California Resistance with #KDL100Days.

When Trump was elected, I had never felt prouder to be Californian. The day after the November 8th election, here is what we had to say about it:

Joint Statement from California Legislative Leaders on Result of Presidential Election

If this era marks anything, history will show it as the birth of the Resistance. In light of this milestone, we’ve documented the first 100 days as we’ve experienced it in California.

California will continue to be the Golden exception and we will never stand down. I am committed to fighting for our values working as hard as I have for anything in my lifetime, but I can’t move forward alone. I’m counting on you to stand right there with me so together, we can take our country back.

Can you help our efforts and be a part of the California Resistance?

Thank you so much,

– Kevin