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Tomorrow, as Trump reaches 100 days in office, California is marking 100 days of helping lead the Resistance.

California has long been a leader in standing up for our rights, our democracy, and our fundamental freedoms — and we won’t let Trump take us backward.


Here’s what we’ve been up to the last 100 days:

Trump: Asked supporters to rally on his behalf. Dozens showed up.
California: Hundreds of thousands marched in unprecedented opposition to Trump.

Trump: Under federal investigation for … everything.
California: Blocked Trump’s attack on sanctuary cities in court.

Trump: Puts polluters first — and in his cabinet.
California: Moving forward bills on everything from cap and trade to electric vehicle expansion.

Trump: All talk and no action on lowering prescription drug prices.
California: Working to put transparency behind prescription drug prices.

Trump: Has done nothing on infrastructure.
California: Passed a transportation package.

Trump: Still trying to build that dumb wall. Still failing.
California: Still not going to let him.

Trump: Spent 31 days at his vacation resorts.
California: Takes 0 days off.

We are energized, organized, and committed to stopping Trump — and it’s working. Click here to find out how you can keep up the momentum.


The team at NextGen Climate