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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Alex Padilla

The House voted today to pass a tax plan that would impose a large financial strain for many Californians.


Here’s the truth: the House bill is bad for California families —  it raises their taxes while giving corporations and the most wealthy a tax break. It’s wrong. It’s cruel. And we won’t stand for it.


What’s next: Now it’s the Senate’s turn to vote on their tax bill. Not only is it as bad as the House tax bill, but Senate Republicans have added a provision to eliminate the individual mandate of Obamacare — even though they know it will cause premiums to spike and millions of Americans will lose their coverage.


The GOP wants to raise your taxes and raise the price of your health care. We must resist.


Add your name now to our petition urging the Senate to vote down this dangerous bill. Send a message to Senate Republicans that we will not let them continue to target hard-working California families with their tax increases and loss of health care.


All year long, Trump and the GOP have tried repeatedly to repeal Obamacare, no matter the costs and no matter the pain for working Americans. And each time, Americans have stood up and fought back. Each time, we resisted and we prevailed.


Doctors, hospitals, insurers, and patient advocacy groups still agree: repealing the individual mandate would devastate our healthcare system and hurt patients and families.


When will Republicans listen to the experts? And when will they listen to their constituents instead of their donors?


Sign our petition now. Tell the Senate that you refuse to let them repeal the individual mandate and raise our taxes. It’s time for Trump and the GOP to end their attacks on hard-working families.


Together, if we continue to resist, we will win.


Thank you,
Alex Padilla

California Secretary of State