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We’re just a few weeks away from the June 5, 2018 Primary Election!

To help you cast your vote, the California Democratic Party has put together an online slate card for the candidates who share our values and have earned our endorsement. Simply click here, or go to the CDP website — — and fill in your mailing address.

California Democrats are blessed with a tremendous set of candidates who exemplify our progressive values — from a former social worker to a lifelong fiscal watchdog, from a nationally renowned advocate for voting rights to a champion for universal healthcare, our candidates are leading the charge for progress and opportunity.

The June primary is our chance to show the strength of our Resistance and build our Big Blue Wave — but only if Democrats turn out in big numbers.

Check out our endorsed candidates, share our candidate card on social media, and get ready for the Big Blue Wave!

Democratically Yours,

Sandra Lowe, Senior Strategist
California Democratic Party