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*** TJ Cox has been endorsed for CD-21 by the CDP ***

Unseat David Valadao for not doing his job →

Last week, Congress voted on the Farm Bill, the legislation that impacts everything from Food Stamps to agricultural subsidies. These are HUGE issues for working families in Central Valley.

At a time when Central Valley farmers and workers are being threatened by a Trump-led trade war, our sitting Representative, David Valadao, ABSTAINED from voting.

It’s simple, Michael. Now more than ever, we need a representative who will stand up to Trump for this community and DO THEIR JOB — not an empty suit who won’t take a stand.

We have to make a change and we need your help. Make a grassroots donation to send Democrat TJ Cox to replace “No Show” David Valadao >>

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In Congress, TJ will fight for a better Farm Bill for the Central Valley — one that protects SNAP, emphasizes environmental stewardship, and protects our farmers and workers.

Chip in to make sure Democrat TJ Cox has the grassroots resources to flip this seat >>

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TJ Cox for Congress