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I wanted to drop you a quick note before it gets too late in the day. This has been a hectic week. Right now we’re in the middle of trying to convince the Republicans to support legislation to protect Robert Mueller.

Please know I am doing everything I can to pressure the Republicans to bring this up for a vote before it’s too late. Preventing a constitutional crisis is one of my top priorities right now.

Which brings me to why I’m emailing today: With so much happening in Washington right now, I haven’t had a lot of time to fundraise — and now we’re behind on our goals for the month.

This is one of the worst parts of the job, but if we don’t catch up soon, it’ll endanger all the work we’re doing, especially our work to help Democrats take Congress back this November.

The good news is that your response to emails like this is always really incredible. You sustain our campaigns. Because of you, I spend more time doing my job than fundraising, and that makes a huge difference. I know most of my colleagues in the Senate aren’t so lucky. So I’m asking:

Can I count on you to chip in $3 to my campaign to ensure we catch up on our fundraising goals? Your support, of any amount, will make a huge difference in closing the gap this month.

Thanks as always for your continued support.