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While the President was fundraising in Iowa yesterday, my team was preparing legal paperwork in our efforts to block his border wall.


Let’s be clear, the President can raise all the campaign cash he wants, but he can’t declare a “national emergency” to illegally divert taxpayer dollars to build his vanity wall along the southern border.



President Trump’s “national emergency” is an unconstitutional attempt to steal taxpayer dollars to fund a xenophobic and ineffective border wall. While our lawsuit to block this continues, today I filed an argument in support of a separate effort challenging the President’s wall, Sierra Club v. Trump

We’re not letting this “national emergency” go unchallenged. California is fighting on all fronts to take on this abuse of power in court. But we still have a long road ahead and I need to know: Can I count on your support, Michael?



While the President was in Iowa repeating a failed campaign promise to build his wall, we were working to take action. 


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