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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


This week, we stood in witness to the incredible bravery of Kate Earley. Her courage to speak her truth in the face of immense scrutiny and willingness to walk away from her legal case and forgo her day in court should inspire all of us expected to lead.

Kate knew the costs of her actions and spoke her truth anyway.

And yet, this week, so many leaders in our Party have remained silent – me included.

One of the most important values Emerge California instills in each program participant is to never let another woman stand alone.

Fear of politicizing survivors or concerns around the appearance of ally opportunism halted me from clearly articulating my unwavering support of Kate.

My inaction, no matter my intention, created the very real consequence of letting Kate stand alone – and that’s on me. I am sorry.

I certainly haven’t earned the right to speak for California Democrats (only the Chair can do that) so I speak here only for myself. It is my hope that all California Democrats join me in standing in solidarity with Kate.

We cannot portion out survivors’ stories so that we only believe some aspects while rejecting the parts that make us uncomfortable. Believing survivors is just that… believing survivors.

Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly… it’s easy to say we believe survivors when the offenders are conveniently on the other side, but the measure of who we truly are as a Party is how we confront them when they happen in our own house.

There needs to be a place for contrition, reconciliation and restorative justice in our Party, but that cannot begin until we address the needs of survivors.

I stand with Kate. I hope you will too.

Democratically yours,

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