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Yesterday, Donald Trump was in California for a high dollar fundraiser and for a political stunt — to visit prototypes for his racist sham of a “wall” on the Mexico-California border.

This was his first visit to our state since becoming president, despite sending Jeff Sessions here just last week to sue our state for protecting immigrants and refusing to assist their racist attempts to break families apart.

Please add your name to let Trump and Sessions know California is ready to fight back.

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Michael, you already know this, but Donald Trump could use some education on the real California — not the one behind closed doors at his wealthy fundraiser.

It’s the California that gave my mother and I the opportunity to achieve the California Dream.

It’s the California that’s the sixth largest economy in the world.

It’s the California that celebrates — not demonizes — diversity and inclusion.

It’s the California we know and love — the greatest state in the greatest country on earth.

It’s time Trump and Sessions heard us loud and clear: we’re going to fight against your racist and backwards agenda back every step of the way.

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Thank you — we’ll win this fight together,