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With the Supreme Court confirmation process over, here’s one thing we know for certain:


Xavier’s court battles to protect hardworking Americans will continue to be critical.

He pledges to keep doing everything he can to keep up the fight for our families and our values. Will you give $5 to help him win in November?

As our nation’s most populous state, California is often disproportionately impacted by harmful Trump administration policies — and it’s crucial that Xavier keep leading on the front lines of every battle where our rights are risk.


As California’s Attorney General, he’s leading the effort to defend the Affordable Care Act in court. He’s defending women’s rights to basic medical care. He’s standing up for our immigrant communities. And so much more.


Now, our legal work is more high stakes than ever. But as the LA Times said, his GOP opponent is running on a platform of “standing down in the state’s defense against the Trump administration.”

We can’t afford to lose California’s role in leading our nation’s progressive legal battles. Chip in $5 now to help Xavier keep up the fight in court.

Thank you,


Team Becerra