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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.




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Friend —

Earlier this week, Tulsi was a guest on the The View for the second time. This visit — friendly, relaxed and enthusiastic — could not have been more different from the first.

The big game changer? Tulsi’s performance in the first presidential debate. Host Meghan McCain cited it as a turning point in her enthusiasm for Tulsi — and it changed everything.

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During the debates, McCain called Tulsi the “most composed and authentic.” On this week’s show, McCain shared how impressed she was with Tulsi’s debate performance and how it totally changed how she thinks about Tulsi. She read Tulsi’s July 4th statement out loud, sharing how much Tulsi’s message of freedom and love for our country resonated with her. And she even made sure the audience knew that Tulsi is the first female combat veteran in US history to run for President. 

Megan McCain’s 180 is a perfect example of why it’s so important that Tulsi be on stage at every. Single. Debate. Including the one coming up in September in Houston.

We’re well on our way to meet the third debate requirements of 130k unique donors. We’ve set a goal of 5k new donors a week to get there by the DNC’s deadline. We need your help to hit this week’s goal before Sunday night.

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