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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

This Saturday I addressed the Democrats of New Hampshire in an arena in Manchester filled with thousands of activists.

Andrew Yang for President

Hello and thank you for your incredible support!

What a time for the campaign.  This Saturday I addressed the Democrats of New Hampshire in an arena in Manchester filled with thousands of activists.  Hundreds of #YangGang members were there starting at 7 AM — it felt like a sign of things to come.  Thank you to everyone who made the trip!

Andrew with three members of the Yang Gang in New Hampshire

Now I’m heading to Los Angeles for a quick stop before heading to Houston for the 3rd debate.  I am pumped to get up there and debate the top contenders.  I wouldn’t be there without you.

The New York Times and the LA Times each did a profile on the campaign last week.  We are getting requests from more and more outlets.  But my favorite piece of media for the week was a video by a supporter.  That’s the kind of energy that other campaigns just won’t be able to match.  It will get harder and harder to ignore us as we gather steam.

We are leveling up on every dimension: opening offices in the early states, hiring field staff, building a press operation, and more.  We are growing when many other campaigns are starting to contract.  Our job is to grow and grow and peak at the right time.

I feel more energized than ever.  Running for president has stretched and expanded me in different ways.  I am getting stronger.  Someone told me that this is one of our competitive advantages — as someone new to politics I will be getting better while our opponents will stay the same, as they’ve been doing a lot of the same things for years or decades.  Some of them are actually getting weaker.  The opportunity is here for us.

The question is, can we grow big enough quickly enough by February 3rd when the voting starts?  We have less than five months to make history and change the future for humanity.

Each day becomes more important than the one before.  The spotlight picks up.  The field shrinks.  And more and more Americans start to tune into the fact that we are going to choose someone to go up against Donald Trump in 2020, and we’d better get it right.

Let’s work our hearts out and let our fellow Americans know who should be challenging Trump in 2020.

Your revved up candidate,

– Andrew


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