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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Hi there,

As this campaign reaches its next phase, the Pete for America team needs to grow. And fast.

Everywhere we go, we’re finding bigger crowds, more offers to help, and more enthusiasm for Pete’s vision for a fresh start — and the bold solutions that will make that vision possible. This was true in Iowa where people stood shoulder-to-shoulder to hear Pete at the Soapbox and house parties were standing-room only.

It’s incredible to see. And we want to empower everyone who wants to help with the tools needed to tell their friends and neighbors why they support Pete — and why their friends and neighbors should support him, too!

You can help! To send out more members of Team Pete, we need to grow our campaign staff. We need offline and online organizers who can mobilize everyone who’s raising their hands to help.

So we’re aiming higher and setting a goal for California: We’re hoping you’ll be one of 5,000 supporters to give before midnight tomorrow so we can add staff and make the most of the growing support for our campaign. If you’ve been waiting for your moment to give, this could be it. Donate to help us grow our team and build support for our message in your community and coast-to-coast.

This is a big push in a short period of time. But the campaign is picking up — all the candidates were just in Iowa, and the fall debates are around the corner. Momentum is on our side. This invitation to contribute and help grow our team will help us harness it.

We’d be grateful for any gift. Giving is a hopeful act, and we appreciate what it says when you send support. We’re going to keep building together, with everyone giving of themselves to spread Pete’s vision far and wide.

Thanks for helping bring this campaign to communities in California. One of the best ways to build support is for our team to connect with voters in person. It makes a difference. You’re making a difference.

Thank you,

Pete for America


Pete for America 
PO Box 1226
South Bend, IN 46624
United States

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