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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Protecting voting rights is necessary for our democracy to thrive. Over the course of our country’s history Americans fought and even died to break down barriers to the ballot. Today, our voting rights are under attack.It’s been over a month now since I first stood up to Trump and his “voter fraud” commission and said “No.”

Last week, commission co-chair Kris Kobach renewed his request for the personal information of all California voters. My answer now is “Still no.” I refuse to send Californians’ personal data to a sham commission with a mission to suppress the vote.

Even though election officials across the country continue to refuse Trump, Kobach and this commission’s requests, their attempts at voter suppression are not going away any time soon.

This commission is just getting started which means we have to stand up and fight.

Please make a contribution today so that we can continue this fight. Your contribution will show the strength of our movement, and send a powerful message that we will fight to protect our voting and privacy rights.

As long as Trump continues to repeat his voter fraud lies, we must keep resisting. As long as Kobach is involved with this commission, we must keep resisting. As long as voters worry about their privacy and their personal information, we must keep resisting. And as long as there are efforts to suppress the vote, we must keep resisting.

Trump and his cronies will continue to repeat these lies in order to justify this commission, but we know the truth. And I know this fight will be long and it won’t be easy. But I also know that if we stand together, we will win this fight and move voting rights forward — not back.

Can you rush a contribution today so we can continue to resist voter suppression? Trump and Kobach’s commission is a threat to democracy. And if we’re going to protect our voting and privacy rights, we need to stand together.

Thank you for standing with me,
Alex Padilla
California Secretary of State