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Hi there,

Earlier today, I gave a speech at Indiana University on the future of foreign policy.

If you believe we need national security for a new era, please consider making a donation to my campaign. Together, we can win the era.

To cope with enormous change, American foreign policy for the future must be securely grounded in American values, American interests, and American relationships. 

Here’s what I outlined: 

  1. We must put an end to endless war and refocus on future threats. 
  2. We must promote American values by working to reverse the rise of authoritarianism abroad while better living up to our democratic ideals at home.
  3. We must treat climate change as the existential security challenge it is.
  4. We must update the institutions through which we engage the world to address 21st-century challenges and opportunities.
  5. We must do all this while involving citizens across America in a meaningful conversation about how foreign policy and national security concern their communities, and do more to include their voices and values in formulating our policies.

We must do this not only for America to prosper, but also for the world. 

The world needs America. But not just any America. It has to be America at our best: the America that possessed the vision to do things like confront Nazism and rebuild Europe and even invent the Internet inside a research arm of our Defense Department. 

It has to be an America that knows how to make better the everyday life of its citizens and that of people around the world, knowing how much one has to do with the other. 

The world needs America to be the best we’ve ever been, and America’s future falls to us. 

If you can, please consider making a donation to my campaign, and let’s do our part:

Thank you, 


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