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This is great news for the CDP.                                                                                                                                                                         


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Great news — we just picked up another seat in the state assembly!

This morning, California Assemblymember Brian Maienschein announced he is leaving the Republican Party for the Democratic Party, and I’m so proud to welcome him. The California Democratic Party is stronger than ever, and we now hold 61 seats out of 80 in the Lower Chamber.

Assemblymember Maienschein’s decision shows that he is deeply committed to doing what is best for Californians every day as a lawmaker — and that is fighting against the party of Trump and their dangerous and harmful grabs for power. We couldn’t be happier, that’s why I want you to help me welcome Assemblymember Maienschein to the Democratic Party!

Will you sign on to welcome Brian Maienschein to the Democratic Party?

Our party is growing stronger every day.

Thank you,

Chris Masami Myers, Executive Director

California Democratic Party

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