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It’s really simple. I believe in your right to vote. Voter participation is the oxygen of our democracy. Without it, we can’t breathe. Without it, we won’t survive.

But this week, the Trump administration showed once again that they’d rather play politics with our basic freedoms. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the President have chosen to stand behind a Texas law that
discriminates against Latino and Black voters.

Without any new evidence, they rescinded the US Department of Justice’s opposition to a Texas law, allowing the state to make it harder for certain Americans to cast a ballot.

Across the country, GOP-led states are working to pass similar laws targeting young voters, working families, and communities of color. These attacks take a jackhammer to the foundation of our democracy.

As Secretary of State, I have been working to make it easier – not harder – for folks to participate in our government. I sponsored bills to automate voter registration for every eligible citizen who applies for or renews their driver’s license or state ID. I also sponsored a bill to create more choices and convenience for when, where, and how to cast a ballot — more vote by mail, real in-person early voting — and we’re implementing same day registration.

We all have a responsibility to speak up and stand up. And we are all going to need to get in the game. But I can’t do it alone. Can I count on your support? Just $5 will help us continue the fight.

We do all this because our system of law depends on maintaining people’s confidence that every vote counts and every person matters. You matter to me. Click here to join me in the fight against these racist, discriminatory policies.

In solidarity,