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Donald Trump is threatening to implement a new proposal that would cut food stamps for up to 3.1 million Americans. Please sign my petition calling on Congress to REJECT these cuts outright so we can keep families fed in CA-21 and beyond.

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There’s a lot happening in Washington, so I wanted to bring your attention to an issue that may not have the headlines, but is incredibly important to the people of CA-21.

The Trump Administration just proposed a new eligibility rule for the SNAP program which could see over 3 million Americans lose their food snaps benefits.

There’s no real way to sugar coat this one. These cuts would be an absolute disaster for California families — particularly in CA-21 where 24% of local households utilize SNAP to keep food on the table. In the Visalia-area of my district, 31,000 household use food stamps. That’s the highest rate of use in California and the eighth highest in the nation.

Can you sign our urgent petition calling on Congress to stop Trump’s reckless cuts to food stamps? Democrats in the House need to make it clear that we won’t allow this to take place.

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Time and time again, Trump and his allies make their agenda crystal clear to the American people. Budget and tax policies that hurt the wealthy? Bad. Budget cuts that hurt poor and middle class families on the other hand? Good. They’re not hiding a damn thing.

Even David Valadao who represented this district before me voted to slash food stamps — knowing full well how many in our community would suffer as a result.

We’re talking about children, the elderly, and in-need families going without food to eat if the Administration gets its way. Families in the Central Valley and across America need a hand up, not cruel policies that take food off their tables.

Sign on: Tell Congress to put families first and take action to stop Trump’s attempts to hurt SNAP recipients.

I know there’s a lot on your plate, so thanks for helping me with this.

TJ Cox

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