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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Dear Friends,

In California, we act on our values. By passing the California Values Act, we sent a message to the community that in the face of xenophobic, racist and heartless policies – we will never turn our backs on our most vulnerable.

SB 54 is now the law of the land and in response, the Trump Administration released a statement that unabashedly threatens California for pursing policies that protect public safety:

In California, we cherish our diversity and respect America’s immigrant heritage – join me and make your voice heard against Trump and Sessions threats.

Yesterday, the White House outlined some of the most unforgiving, fear-mongering policy priorities we have witnessed in modern America. Once on the record committing to protecting our Dreamers, he’s come up with more mean-spirited, shortsighted schemes. His latest proposal proves once again that Donald J. Trump cannot be trusted.

In light of these consistent, sweeping attacks on our immigrants, California made a choice to protect its people and its resources. We simply will not divert our public safety assets to stalk law-abiding immigrants and undermine the safety in our communities in the process. We will not stand idly by as President Trump and his administration seek to instill fear and divide this nation.

California’s families should feel comforted in knowing that in the face of cruel threats, the law and the momentum is on our side.

It has been apparent to me for months, before Charlottesville and before Puerto Rico that our President is pursuing biased law enforcement policies based on scapegoating and divisiveness – not American values.

I fully intend to stand with the millions of Californians who are committed towards action in the fight for our nation’s soul.

I will continue to fight for our values of justice, diversity and inclusion – because our California dream is bigger than any border.

In solidarity,

Kevin de León

President of the California State Senate