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BREAKING: Trump’s latest budget proposal would cut $220 billion in food stamps funding for low-income Americans. Sign TJ’s petition urging Congress to reject these reckless cuts to food stamps.


Disturbing news.

Trump’s new budget proposal would slash $220 BILLION from the food stamps program over the next decade.

These cuts would be an absolute disaster for California families — particularly in California’s 21st District where over 24% of local households utilize SNAP benefits to keep food on the table.

Children, the elderly, and people with disabilities in our community would all be at risk of losing the food access they need if Trump gets his way.

TJ Cox is fighting to make sure food stamp access is protected, but we need your support to make this happen. That’s why we’re reaching out:

Can you sign our urgent petition calling on Congress to stop Trump’s reckless cuts to food stamps?


It’s a disgrace that Trump would propose balancing the budget on the backs of low-income families after handing billionaires a $1.5 trillion tax cut.

It’s not enough that we reject Trump’s budget. We need to protect the tens of thousands in our community who have repeatedly been left behind by Trump and his allies. But we cannot do this without a groundswell of grassroots support.

We need 44 more supporters from 93705 to join in and hold this administration accountable. Sign our petition urging Congress to REJECT Trump’s cruel cuts to the food stamp program.

Thanks for your support,

Team TJ


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