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We just released a new video about John that tells the story of why he’s always fought for California’s underdogs and why he’s the leader we need today.

Help us spread the word. Watch the video and let your friends know why you’re supporting John.

John’s family was the first Asian-American family in their neighborhood, and while they aspired to achieve the American Dream, life wasn’t always easy. They came home to broken windows and graffiti on their garage, but John and his family endured, and it inspired John to become the leader he is today — the leader who always fights for the underdog.

Every Californian, whether they’re a single mom, a dad working a double shift, or a student who dreams of a brighter future, deserves a leader who will fight for them — a governor with a proven track record to get the job done.

As our state treasurer and state controller, John’s made it his mission to fight for all Californians. He held Wells Fargo and Wall Street banks accountable, made sure thousands of affordable housing units got the financing they need, and protected the pay of hardworking Californians.

Now he’s ready to continue that fight as governor — but he needs your help to reach Californians all across the state.

Watch John’s new video now, and share it with a friend.

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