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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

We welcome their hatred.

The billionaire class and financial establishment of this country have made it clear: they hate Bernie Sanders. That’s how you know we’re on the right track. Make a contribution to our campaign to help us fight back.



Look at this crew:

  • Kenneth Langone, a man worth $3.7 billion dollars yet pays his workers so little many rely on food stamps, Medicaid, and public housing says, “I saw Bernie Sanders and the kids around him.” I thought: “This is the antichrist.”
  • Or the former CEO of Verizon, Lowell McAdam, who made almost $20 million a year while fighting to take away health care from his employees and thinks Bernie’s views on issues like Medicare for all are “in a word, contemptible.”
  • Billionaire political mega-donor Haim Saban who says, “We love all 23 candidates… minus one. I profoundly dislike Bernie Sanders.”
  • Or Lloyd Blankfein, the former CEO of Goldman Sachs, who says our campaign “has the potential to be a dangerous moment.”

We are dangerous!?!?!? Lloyd Blankfein’s company almost completely destroyed the WORLD economy and wiped out generations of wealth, and we are dangerous?

Like FDR says, Bernie welcomes their contempt. We wear it like a badge of honor. But these people are enormously powerful, and we need your help to fight back:

Make a contribution to our campaign and we are going to win this primary, beat Donald Trump, and transform this country — whether the billionaire class likes it or not.

If you’ve saved payment info with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

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The truth is, Bernie does not represent large corporations and he does not want their money. He proved in 2016 you can run for president without begging rich people for money and in this campaign we have more donations than anyone else in the race.

But we can’t stop now. Because the rich folks above will do and spend whatever it takes to beat us.

In solidarity,

Faiz Shakir
Campaign Manager



Paid for by Bernie 2020

(not the billionaires)

PO BOX 391, Burlington, VT 05402

We hope you’ll stay, because emails are such an important part of how we organize and how we raise money. In fact, there is no single greater source for our campaign’s fundraising than emails like this one. And that’s important, because no one person, not even Bernie Sanders, can take on Trump and the billionaire class alone.

Before you go about the rest of your day, help power our fight against the billionaire class by making a contribution today.