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*** Alex Padilla has been endorsed for Secretary of State by the CDP ***

Democratic Association of Secretaries of State

I wanted to follow up on my email from this past week. We’re so close to reaching our goal for our strategic campaign plan to fight back against Republican voter suppression and make critical investments in battleground states to help Democrats win.

We only need another $1,203 in the door before midnight to close the gap. Can I count on you to chip in $5 or more and help us fight against voter suppression?

Your donation right now is critical to our campaign to stop voter suppression efforts across the country. Secretaries of State are our first line of defense and it’s critical that we protect the vote ahead of the midterm elections.

Click here to pitch in $5 or more to stop GOP voter suppression schemes. We rely on the support from friends like you, so anything you give will be a huge help.


Alex Padilla
California Secretary of State
Chair, Democratic Association of Secretaries of State