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*** No candidate for Governor has been endorsed by the CDP ***

John is under attack — and so is the campaign you’ve helped us build.

Billionaire supporters of Antonio Villaraigosa have already spent $8.5 million on ads to stop our momentum, and we know they have millions more in the bank ready to go.

These special interests know that when voters actually learn about John and hear his vision for California, the choice is clear.

This is urgent. We need your support now to break through the noise and make sure voters know why John is the leader we need.

Will you rush a donation to help us fight back and get out the vote? Chip in right now, before it’s too late.

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This campaign is growing stronger every day as voters learn more about John.

Just last week, The Sacramento Bee endorsed John, where they talked about the “guts” he’s shown during his time as treasurer and previously controller, and called him “the best-equipped candidate for the economy to come.”

And earlier this week, John won a decisive victory in a statewide debate, where he was the only candidate to show a command of the issues at play in California.

If we keep it up, there’s a clear path forward for this campaign — that’s why the opposition is spending so much to stop us.

Don’t let these billionaires and independent expenditure groups buy this election. Help John push forward in the final weeks before the primary by rushing your donation now.

Thanks for having John’s back,

Preston Elliott
Campaign Manager
John Chiang for Governor

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