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An update on our work these last two months:                                                                                                                                                                         


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This past Sunday marked the end of my first 60 days serving as your California Democratic Party Chair. I wanted to use this milestone to reach out to you and share an update on our work these last two months:


Since I took office, my singular focus has been on strengthening the Party and ensuring that we are in a stable and strong position to build towards Democratic victories in 2020. To that end, one of my top priorities as Chair has been, and continues to be, creating a Party that reflects the full diversity of our state’s nine million Democrats.


Consequently, I have worked with dozens of Delegates over the past two months to update the leadership and membership of our standing committees, to empower a new generation of leaders while leveraging the experience of veteran activists. I’m proud to announce that the Party’s new standing committee membership is 56% women and transgender and non-binary, 20% LGBTQ, 60% people of color, 24% under 36-years-old, 16% individuals with a disability, and 71% elected delegates. You can view the standing committee appointments here.


Additionally, we’ve been hard at work building a safer and stronger California Democratic Party, free of misconduct and harassment. I convened a Task Force to address these issues directly, and the Task Force developed a report with specific policy and operational protocols for protecting victims and holding harassers accountable. You can read their recommendations about our new CDP policies and new operational protocols here.


I’m also thrilled to announce that, building on the Blue Wave in 2018 which swept all 7 of Orange County’s congressional districts, we’ve officially flipped Orange County to majority Democratic. We’ve registered hundreds of voters in recent weeks, and there are currently 547,458 Democratic voters across the county. This historic milestone is thanks to hundreds of grassroots activists who knocked on doors, called their neighbors, and organized through their local clubs and committees, all with the goal of winning a Democratic majority and creating a more progressive, inclusive county.


I would also like to sincerely thank the Party’s tremendous staff, officers, delegates, and volunteers involved in these initiatives, as well as in our other crucial work planning for an Executive Board Meeting this August and our November Endorsing Convention in Long Beach. Our Party is in such a strong position thanks to their tremendous and dedicated work.


Lastly, I would like to thank you. Supporters like you are the backbone of this Party, and I am looking forward to working alongside you and so many other Democrats to win in 2020 and beyond.


Now more than ever, we must be ready and united for the fight ahead. I’ll be reaching out again soon.


In solidarity,


Rusty Hicks
CDP Chair

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