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The Republican Party is decidedly the Party of Trump.                                                                                                                                                                         


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Over the last couple weeks, Republicans in California and across the country have continued to be … the absolute worst.

Michael Cohen’s testimony before Congress last Tuesday is another highlight to add to the list of reasons why Trump is a racist and a crook, who has no business running this country. Then, at the Conservative Political Action Conference this past weekend, Trump (among a host of other derogatory lies) claimed that Democrats support allowing parents to, “execute the baby after birth.”

It’s disturbing. The Republican Party is decidedly the Party of Trump, and we must prepare to defeat them even more soundly in 2020.

Will you chip in $20.20 right now as we build towards Democratic victories?


But let’s not forget the Republicans right here in our backyard. A couple of weekends ago, the CAGOP elected its new chair: Jessica Patterson.

Throughout her campaign, she referred to Democrats as “the enemy.” It’s just one more example of the Republican party abandoning any sense of decency as they continue to attack our communities and our values.

But by continuing to come together, we can win. Chip in $20.20 right now, so we can declare victory over Trump and his Republican Party next fall.

Thanks for being a California Democrat. Together, we will defeat Trump and his cronies and fight for progress for our communities.

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