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Bobby Bliatout for Congress

Devin Nunes sued a fictional cow that called out the terrible job he’s doing in Congress — and his campaign has raised millions off of this frivolous lawsuit. To honor the concerns of Californians, Bobby Bliatout is fighting back, but he needs your help to take on “Deep-State” Devin.

This Sunday, we’re facing our first major campaign deadline to send a leader to the U.S. who will fight for the residents of the Central Valley. Will you join Team Bliatout and chip in $5 or more right now to help us hit our $65,000 end-of-quarter goal?


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As the son of Hmong immigrants, a non-profit health care provider, and family man, Bobby understands the hardships that many Central Valley residents are facing — because he faced them too.

Instead of focusing his time suing a fictional cow and pushing Donald Trump’s divisive agenda like Nunes, Bobby will work for Californians and fight to protect the Affordable Care Act, the middle class, and farmers across the district.

Help Bobby beat Nunes in 2020. Chip in $5 or more now to help us close the gap on our end-of-quarter fundraising deadline.

Thank you,

Team Bliatout